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(Update: Fall 2022)

Buyers, the "balanced market" you've been wating for is HERE. Yes, there's still an overall shortage of housing (for buyers and renters), but there are more to choose from . . . and far fewer homes are selling in the first week (or at above-asking prices).

This does NOT translate to a "crashing market," only a market with some breathing room.  When you’re ready to BUY, it's still critical to be sure your "gun is loaded" with the basic "Buyer’s ammo:"

Bullet #1: A solid, recent loan pre-approval from a proven lender;

Bullet #2:  Cash for an earnest-money deposit of at least 1% of your offer amount (some sellers respond more favorably to 2-3%).

Bullet #3: Proof of available funds (bank statement, line of credit, etc.) to cover your down-payment & expected closing costs. 

Bullet #4 has been a big one, but is less relevant - - - California laws have changed, so your family "story," personal letters, or photos are not very likely to reach the seller, in the interest of loweing the risk of discrimination. Your offer must be strong and "all-business" in order to tip the scales in your favor.

Bullet #5: Be ready to find insurance! If you're shopping in a forested area or one with high fire hazards, avoid "sticker shock:" sellers often require buyers to commit to obtaining an insurance quote & commitment FAST and this can take days, not hours! (Need help? Look for insurers on this site, see my "Team Roster.")

Bullet #6: Do you need the keys on the first day of ownership? If NOT, consider offering the seller up to 29 days to remain "In Possession." This reduces pressure on all parties and could make you stand out!

Bullet #7: PRICE MATTERS MOST.  If YOU love the home, chances are that OTHERS love it, too: be aware that many homes STILL receive multiple offers. If you must have that home, consider "going to the mat" up front. 

My partner Christa and I strive to provide exceptional service at every step of the process.

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